By recycling your vehicle with Car Heaven, you are ensuring that:

  • All hazardous components will be removed and diverted from the landfill
  • Parts that can be reused will be salvaged
  • The recycler who processes your vehicle follows the best practices outlined in the Canadian Automotive Recyclers Environmental Code.

Please note:
Eligible participants must be owners of complete vehicles with no parts removed. All liens must be paid off before application.

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Please carefully read each of the following statements. When finished, click the box to the left to indicate that you have read and understood each action.

Your application will not be processed if you choose not to agree to the following:

* I understand and hereby consent to the collection and use, by ARC (Automotive Recyclers of Canada), of the personal information I provide in this application form (the "Personal Information") for the purpose of determining my eligibility in the Car Heaven Program.
* I further agree that the Personal Information may be used and disclosed by ARC (Automotive Recyclers of Canada) to the Car Heaven delivery partners, including the Automotive Recyclers of Canada Provincial Members, the Charitable Partner selected, and the applicable Automotive Recyclers for the purposes of processing my application, including arranging to obtain my vehicle.
* I hereby declare that I am the legal owner of the vehicle identified below (the "Vehicle").
* I confirm and agree that I own the Vehicle free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, and that I have the absolute right to transfer ownership and possession of the Vehicle. I confirm that there are no outstanding unpaid parking violations affecting the Vehicle. I agree to indemnify Automotive Recyclers of Canada, the Car Heaven Call Centre, Car Heaven Delivery Partners, and applicable Automotive Recyclers and hold these parties harmless from and cost, damage or expense incurred or suffered if any of the foregoing is not true.
* I understand that the original ownership and keys must be with the vehicle on the day of the vehicle pickup.
* I understand that the transfer of the Vehicle is not complete until the assigned Automotive Recycler receives the Vehicle and issues a receipt. Any costs or violations incurred prior to this transfer are my responsibility.